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Home Berita TI Ubaya got 3rd Winner of ISPC

TI Ubaya got 3rd Winner of ISPC

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International Statistic Poster Competition 2015 (ISPC 2015) is an event of the Industrial Engineering department at Petra Christian University, Indonesia. This annual competition held until now, but especially for this year is held for all students among the world. The objective of the competition is to improve the student's ability to provide the information by using the statistics methods in poster form. The posters should reflect or illustrate usage analysis, interpretation and communication of statistics or statistical information. The participants of this competition choose an interesting topic to be analyzed using statistic tools, and then make a poster about the research to show the results. This year, UBAYA sent a team in the competition which named UBAYA team to participate.

The team consists of 3 students which are helped by Mr. Rahman Dwi Wahyudi in the research process. They are Mirani Yolanda (Industrial Engineering 2013), Oktavia Karlina (Industrial Engineering 2013), and Ivon (Industrial Engineering 2013). The topic chosen by the team is “LCC (Low Cost Carrier) and its Impacts to the Passengers’ Confidence Level in Indonesia”. The objectives of this survey are to know the LCC impacts to the passengers’ confidence level and also to inform the people that the LCC flights does not mean that the flights have lower quality, but it is all well considered by reducing the cost and doing efficiency. The research is started from choosing the topic, designing and collecting data from the questionnaires (directly to the respondents and via online), analyzing the results, designing the poster, and making the paper to show the detailed information about the research.
In ISPC 2015, the UBAYA team got the 3rd place winner. It is been a precious experience for the team members to participate in the competition and it also motivates the students to keep making something useful for their surroundings such as give useful informations to make people more know about what is happening around them. From this research, hopefully the people will understand more about the LCC. Low Cost Carrier is airline which generally has cheaper fares and fewer comfort, but it does not mean that the LCC flights have lower quality than the non-LCC ones. Some factors affecting the operational costs of the airlines are being reduced to redeem to the lost revenue in decreased ticket prices. Lower price does not mean lower quality, but it means efficiency.


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